Who We Are

Founded in 1982, Acorn Insurance has been helping people from all over the UK find the right kind of cover for over 40 years.

Our experience and expertise allow us to offer specialist insurance cover for customers who may have difficulty obtaining cover elsewhere. Our key products include:


Being one of the largest taxi insurance providers in the UK, Acorn Insurance is proud to have helped innumerable UK taxi drivers find the correct cover since our inception in 1982.

Private Car

Acorn’s highly-adept car insurers are always happy to help anyone find motor insurance, no matter what their background or driving history.

Motor Trade

Perfect for Car Dealerships, Garages, MOT Test Centres and the like, Acorn Insurance specialise in helping each unique Motor Trade customer, taking into account each individual’s needs for each potential policy.


With Acorn’s fleet insurance policies, you only take out one policy. This policy covers all the vehicles in a fleet, simplifying the cover and making policy renewal less complicated.


Acorn Insurance tailor their van policies depending on the needs of the customer, making it perfect for myriad commercial vehicle uses, including business, courier, and Transit van use.


Acorn Insurance specialises in helping UK homeowners and tenants find bespoke household cover, even when they have been refused home insurance elsewhere.