Find out what it’s like to work for Acorn — personal endorsements from members of our team.

I have worked at Acorn insurance for over 7 years. Like many people, I was looking for work and was lucky enough to get put forward via an agency for a position on our validations team in the Lighthouse call centre. It seems like a lifetime ago now, but I wouldn’t change a thing!

My average day would be to motivate and encourage my team to be the best they can be. This includes arranging side-by-side sessions, frequent catch-ups with my team to ensure they are feeling good and helping them in any way I can. I also produce daily reports that indicate possible team performance issues and attend regular meetings with the senior management team.

I have made so many friends and met so many wonderful people during my time at Acorn. They know who they are! My career progression has been amazing and some of the friendships I have made will last a lifetime.

I am currently working on the Rewards and Recognition Scheme for my department. This is ideal for me as I love to make people feel good, encourage a culture of positivity, and believe a bit of recognition from time to time goes a long way. We regularly recognise and encourage colleagues who are doing well, passing audits, and providing best practice ideas that can improve the performance of the team.

Maxine Welsh – Customer Service Manager

I have worked for Acorn Insurance since 2014. I joined as I was excited at the prospect of challenging myself to work in an industry I had no previous experience in and doing something completely different. My role is to make personal contact with our customers whether it be by telephone or our online chat function. I deal with all types of enquiries, from changes of address and circumstances, to missed direct debit payments, and everything in between.

I feel I know Acorn Insurance and the products we provide; I also enjoy the day-to-day challenges my customers bring. I like to feel part of a team, and this job makes me feel that way. I am a team player and always happy to help my colleagues in any way I can, from day-to-day queries to changing days off and swapping hours. I really enjoy the weekly buzz sessions with other team members and managers.

Acorn has given me the opportunity, training, and confidence necessary to understand the insurance industry and the accompanying processes, as previously I had no experience in this type of work.

Beverley Green – Customer Service Representative

I have worked for Acorn for over 5 years, having joined the company as it seemed like a nice place to work with a good atmosphere. Since joining, the company has gone from strength to strength with lots of opportunities for me to develop. I am currently involved with the training of newer members of the renewals team, which I find really rewarding, as I am using the knowledge I gained on the job to increase the skills of others.

My wife and I recently had a baby, and Nicole from HR was brilliant in sorting out my paternity leave and making sure I didn’t have any concerns or queries whilst I was away from the business. It provided real peace of mind and let me enjoy the birth of my child with one less thing to worry about.

I would highly recommend Acorn Insurance to anyone looking for work in an environment where they feel they can progress and are looked after.

Michael Murray – Private Car Renewals Team Leader

I have been with the company for over 6 years. I had moved to the UK from New Zealand and was looking to continue my career in the insurance industry.

After greeting all my colleagues, I turn on, log in, and deal with incoming queries or requests on the renewals line. This can be via telephone or our online chat function. Both are equally rewarding, and there is never any shortage of calls or queries coming in. Before you know it, it’s 5:30pm and time to log out and go home!

The people I work alongside, both in my department and across the business, make working for Acorn worthwhile. Also, helping the customers — be it renewing a policy or any other queries they may have by using my knowledge of the insurance world. Every call is different; I enjoy the variety. I’ve also cultivated many friendships here over the years and stay in touch with a number of people who have since left the business.

I have had the opportunity to pursue a variety of roles over the years, and they have each added something to my knowledge base. Working with different people across the company has allowed me to see how everyone’s hard work all contributes to the ‘big picture’. If you’re thinking of applying to Acorn, give it a go! It can be a great place to work and the friendships you’ll make here are priceless.

Duncan Evans – Private Car and Commercial Vehicle Renewals Advisor

I have been working for Acorn for over 5 years; I wanted a total change of role after 26 years of being a fully qualified social worker.

As a validations agent, we contact customers to verify that the details they have entered online are correct. We then carry out a driving licence check and confirm any “No Claims Bonus”. As agents, we also cancel policies at the customers’ request. We liaise with Policy Referrals if there is any potential fraud on the policy or if the customer has purchased through a Ghost Broker. Finally, we also clone policies for customers if they are requesting an earlier date of inception for their policies to start.

The team that I work with are wonderful, some of whom have become my close friends. The managers and team leaders offer support and encouragement, and my role brings me a sense of enjoyment. When my daughter was moving to the USA to work for a whole year, my colleagues were so supportive as it was both a happy and sad time. They purchased a framed photograph of my daughter and I for my desk, so I could look at it each day whilst she was away. It was a wonderful, thoughtful gesture and it meant a lot to me at the time.

Working for Acorn has allowed me to try something different in a less stressful environment, whilst still dealing with customers directly, in a different way to that of being a social worker.

Acorn Insurance is a pleasant, happy, and supportive place to work. This is largely down to the wonderful team I am a part of and the support of the management. If you’re thinking of applying, take a leap of faith and try it — it could be the best decision you ever make.

Joanne Simnor – Private Car Validations Agent

I have worked for Acorn Insurance for just over 4 years. Everyone I have met from my initial interview onward has been both friendly and supportive; never too busy to answer a question and help, with clear and attainable routes for progression. In summary, I chose Acorn Insurance due to the fantastic people who work here.

On an average day, I make sure our customers have the best possible journey when purchasing a commercial vehicle policy online. This is done by maintaining and refining the online process, and keeping my fellow team members informed, well directed, and motivated to help every person who calls to the pinnacle of their ability.

Acorn Insurance continues to be a fantastic place to work: the culture of excellence and clear communication shines through at every level and in every role. My current team leader was struggling to adapt to their previous role. Rather than give up on the individual, Acorn went above and beyond to accommodate a role that was more suited to their skills. After only 6 months they were promoted to team leader, based on their excellent work and integration into the team.

I started at Acorn Insurance with no experience in the insurance industry. Throughout my time here, I have been consistently supported to develop. Not only has this progression shown in the role I have held, but also in my ability to offer this support to others, which, I feel, is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job.

Acorn always strives to improve what we do for both our customers and our employees — it is professional, friendly, and progressive.

Sean Matthews – Commercial Vehicle Welcome Team Manager

I have worked at Acorn for 5 and a half years. I was interested in working within the financial services industry and a friend who is also an Acorn employee recommended the company. He cited the company as a great place to work in, with very friendly and helpful colleagues and a clear path for progression.

On a day-to-day basis, I aim to ensure our customers have a great journey when calling to enquire about a new commercial vehicle policy. This is accomplished by refining the sales processes to ensure their journey is as smooth as possible and making sure the sales team is well versed in their product knowledge, as well as being directed and motivated to be the best version of themselves on every call.

Acorn Insurance is an excellent place to work. The company is always pushing boundaries and aiming to excel and improve standards for their customers and colleagues. There are great opportunities for progression and best of all are the amazing colleagues I work with. Acorn believe in treating people as individuals and coach their team members towards improvement, whilst also focusing on the areas in which they already excel.

I recently had a team member struggling to meet expectations in an area of their role; instead of focusing on the negatives, we focused on celebrating all they were doing well. This has resulted in the employee becoming more confident and implementing changes to address the area of concern.

I look forward to interacting with my team and watching them grow as individuals whilst helping them achieve their goals. I am consistently developing in my role and have been since joining Acorn with no experience in the industry. I have worked multiple roles since joining Acorn and have gained a lot of knowledge in the industry as well as significantly improving my personal skills.

Transparent: Decisions and processes are always well communicated across the business
Nurturing: Acorn is always looking to nurture employees and is willing to work with each individual to set professional development goals and help them grow with the organization.
Progressive: Acorn is always striving to grow, innovate, and trying new things to ensure we provide the best possible experience to our customers and colleagues.
Collaborative: Acorn celebrates collaboration, with a strong emphasis on working together to achieve success.

Acorn Insurance is not only a great place to develop a career but also to grow as a person, with excellent opportunities to progress in many different areas of the business.

Fabio De Miranda – Commercial Vehicle Sales Manager